Downloads For Existing Students

For Existing Students

Title Type Size Download
Proforma for Issuance of Bachelor Degree
161 KB
Application Form Issuance of Transcript
1 MB
Refund of Security
63 KB
Students SEECS Internal Clearance Form
244 KB
Undertaking for Applying DL Mode Form
26 KB
Grade Improvement Application Form for Other Institutes
158 KB
Course Registration - Grade Improvement/Deficient Course (UG Students Only)
930 KB
Grade Improvement Proforma for SEECS Students (PG Only)
1 MB
Proforma for Attending Course at NUST-SEECS for MS Students
380 KB
Proforma for Attending Course at NUST-SEECS for PhD Students
377 KB
Minor Registration Proforma
153 KB
Elective Change Request Form
59 KB
Proforma for Suspension/Deferment of Semester (UG students only)
227 KB
Form for Resumption of Studies after Suspension of Registration
17 KB
Application For Withdrawal Of Original Documents
57 KB
Application For Issuance Of New NUST ID Card
146 KB
Request for Change of Address
69 KB
Leave Application Form (General/All purpose)
76 KB
Hostel Clearance for change from Hostelite to Day scholar
29 KB
Application form for Hostel Extension - PG Students
17 KB
Student Application Form
57 KB
Rechecking of End Semester exam paper
79 KB
Make Up of Missed Exams Form
31 KB
Make Up/Compensation for Missed Quizzes/Assignments/Labs Policy
24 KB
Application Form Tuition Fee Instalments
325 KB
Library Membership Form
867 KB
Lab store In Out Proforma for Students
97 KB
Policy for Semester Freezing (Temporary Suspension)
105 KB
MS/ PhD Electrical Engineering Course Description
444 KB
Seminar and Defence Attending Form (MS & PhD)
2 MB
Instalments of students Semester Fees
325 KB
Referral Forms for Student Grievances
45 KB
Change of Section UG-Students
927 KB
Work, Health and Safety (WHS) Induction Checklist
534 KB