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Department of Computer Science

Head of Department Message

Dr. Muhammad Imran Malik

Welcome to the Department of Computer Science at SEECS-NUST. Our vision is to be a global leader in computer science education and research and fostering innovations that make a significant positive impact on society. The department’s commitment to excellence is reflected in our comprehensive curriculum. We offer a variety of programs – BS in Computer Science, MS in Computer Science, and PhD in Computer Science – designed to meet diverse academic and professional goals. Our programs provide a solid foundation in the theoretical aspects of computer science, advanced programming techniques, and specialized expertise in contemporary computer applications. Guided by our esteemed faculty, our curriculum is meticulously crafted to encourage holistic learning and cultivate a strong commitment to excellence and innovation in the dynamic field of computer science. We ensure that our graduates are not only ready to excel in the job market but also are well-prepared to pursue advanced studies and entrepreneurial ventures. Our faculty members are recognized for their high-quality publications, international collaborations, and robust industry partnerships. Their dedication to impactful research addresses real-world challenges and keeps our students up-to-date with the development and usage of cutting edge technologies. Whether you are a student seeking a world-class education, a researcher aiming to push the boundaries of knowledge, or an industry partner looking for talented professionals, the Computer Science department at SEECS-NUST offers a dynamic and stimulating environment.

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To become an internationally renowned centre of education and research in the field of Computing

To prepare students as computer scientists with high quality and well-rounded education in the field of computing, which would assist them to further their ambitions in computer science research and/or apply sound principles and methods to the development and maintenance of high-quality software. Graduates of this program will be suitable to take positions in research, academia, and software industry or pursue careers in related disciplines.
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