Lab Facilities

Teaching Lab Facilities
S. No Teaching Labs
1 DSP/ Communications Lab
2 Control Systems / Instrument & Measurement Lab
3 Electro-Mechanical Systems Lab
4 Microwave and Antenna Lab (shared with RIMMS)
5 Advanced Electronics Lab
6 Basic Electronics Lab
7 Digital and Embedded Systems Lab


Research Lab Facilities
S. No Research Labs Lab ​Director
1 Electronic System Design Auomation Centre (ESDA) Engr Nasir Mahmood
2 Wireless and Secure Networks Research Lab  (WiSNet) Dr. Hassaan Khaliq Qureshi
3 Centre of Excellence for FPGA/ASIC Research (CEFAR) & System Analysis and Verification (SAVE) Dr. Khawar Khurshid & Dr. Osman
4 Global System and Mobile Communication (GSM) Lab Dr. Rizwan Ahmed
5 Electroencephalograph (EEG) Lab Dr Arbab Latif
6 Vision Imaging & Signal Processing Research Group  (VISPro)/ Signal Processing & Machine Learning (SIGMA) Labs Dr. Hassan Aqeel Khan
7 Information Processing and Transmission (IPT) Lab Dr. Syed Ali Hassan
8 Robotics and Machine Intelligence (ROMI) Lab Dr. Latif Anjum
9 Adaptive Signal Processing (ASP) Lab Dr. Shahzad Younis
10 Blockchain Lab Dr. Taha Ali
11 AMSG Lab Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad Rana