Lab Facilities

Teaching Lab Facilities
S. No Teaching Labs
1 DSP/ Communications Lab
2 Control Systems / Instrument & Measurement Lab
3 Electro-Mechanical Systems Lab
4 Microwave and Antenna Lab
5 Advanced Electronics Lab
6 Basic Electronics Lab
7 Digital and Embedded Systems Lab


Research Lab Facilities
S. No Research Labs Lab ​Director
1 Electronic System Design Automation Centre (ESDA) Dr. Usman Zabit
2 Anechoic Chamber Dr. Mustafa Tehseen
3 System Analysis and Verification (SAVE) Dr. Usman Ali
4 Global System and Mobile Communication (GSM) Lab Dr. Rizwan Ahmed
5 Electroencephalograph (EEG) Lab Dr. Wajahat Hussain
6 Electromagnetic Compatibility and Interference (EMC/I) Lab Dr. Nosherwan Shoaib
7 Information Processing and Transmission (IPT) Lab Dr. Syed Ali Hassan
8 Robotics and Machine Intelligence (ROMI) Lab Dr. Latif Anjum
9 Adaptive Signal Processing (ASP) Lab Dr. Shahzad Younis
10 Blockchain Lab Dr. Taha Ali
11 AMSG Lab Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad Rana
12 Rapid Prototyping and PCB Fabrication Lab Dr. Wasif Tanveer
13 Micro Nano Electronics (MiNE) Lab Dr. Usman Khan