Lab Facilities

Teaching Lab Facilities


S. No Teaching Labs
1 Computer Lab 1
2 Computer Lab 2
3 Computer Lab 3
4 Computer Lab 4
5 Computer Lab 5
6 Computer Lab 6
7 Computer Lab 7
8 Computer Lab 8
8 Computer Lab 8
9 Media Lab
10 Final Year Design Project (FYDP) Lab – SE
11 General Purpose Lab – SE


Research Lab Facilities


S. No Research Labs Labs Director
1 China-Pakistan Intelligent Systems (CPInS) Dr. Seemab Latif (Tenured Associate Prof.)
2 TUKL-NUST R&D Center Dr. Faisal Shafait (Professor)
3 NUST Coventry Internet of Things Lab (NCIL) Dr. Rafia Mumtaz (Tenured Professor)
4 Walee-NUST Excellence Centre for Social & Digital Media Technologies Dr. Rafia Mumtaz (Tenured Prof.)
5 Center for Research in Modeling, Simulation & Vision (CRIMSON) Dr Moazam Fraz / Dr Zuhair Zafar
6 KBS (Knowledge-Based Systems) Lab Dr. Rabia Irfan (Assistant Prof.)
7 KTH Dr. Hassan Tahir (Tenured Associate Prof.)
8 Centre for Education Research and Practice (CERP) Dr. Sohail Iqbal (Tenured Associate Prof.)
High Performance Computing (HPC) Lab Dr. Sohail Iqbal (Tenured Associate Prof.)