Events Scaling Data Science for Enterprises

Scaling Data Science for Enterprises


ICESCO Chair of Data Science and Analytics for Business and Machine Vision and Intelligent Systems Lab at SEECS NUST presents an insightful session by Mr. Huzaifah Saleem, an Alumnus of SEECS (NUST) and currently serving as a Senior Data Scientist at TenX.

🔖 Title: Scaling Data Science for Enterprises

📆 Date and Time: November 21, 2023, from 5:00 to 6:00 pm

📍Venue: SEECS Seminar Hall

🔍 About the Talk

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, data science has emerged as a crucial component for enterprise success. This talk will revolve around the data science methodology, addressing real-world problems, exploring their solutions, and delving into the challenges encountered while constructing data science solutions tailored for enterprises that leverage big data.

📋 Agenda
  • Explore the pivotal role data science plays in driving business decisions and strategies.
  • Gain valuable insights from practical examples showcasing successful implementations of data science in large enterprises.
  • Practical insights and strategies for organizations looking to scale their data science initiatives
  • Engage with the speaker in a dynamic Q&A session to gain valuable insights tailored to your organization’s needs.
🎯 Expected Outcomes
  • Gain insights into how data science contributes to the growth and development of large-scale enterprises.
  • Explore case studies that highlight successful applications of data science in enterprise environments.
👤 About the Speaker

Huzaifah Saleem is a Senior Data Scientist at TenX, bringing a wealth of experience in leveraging data for strategic decision-making. With a proven track record, he has played a key role in implementing data-driven solutions to address complex business challenges.

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November 21,2023 - 21, 2023