News NUST-SEECS Orientation 2020

NUST-SEECS Orientation 2020


Every year some of the most competent and accomplished students all over the country join SEECS which is plausibly one of the most renowned schools of NUST, imparting education in the field of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. These young intellectuals come here with immense zeal and enthusiasm as well as a bit of anxiousness for a distinctive and consequential venture worth a lifetime. Therefore, an Orientation Week is held accordingly in order to help the incoming batch get acquainted with the essentials of university life, to help them interact with their seniors and contemporaries alike, mentally prepare them for the challenges lying ahead and make them feel at home.


The year 2020 arguably turned out to be the most uncertain and despondent year for many of us due to the COVID-19 pandemic and students throughout the world have had to bear the burnt of it as all the on-campus educational activities had come to a halt. After its re-opening, NUST enforced strict SOPs to cater for the health of the students and the faculty alike. Despite these unprecedented circumstances, the NUST-SEECS Orientation Week was observed from 12-19 October, 2020. The event was kept somewhat formal this time around, unlike the preceding years, in order to prioritise the sound health of students.


Students from the Sophomore, Junior and Final year volunteered to partake in the Orientation Week to make it something worth cherishing for the freshmen, despite the restrictions. Adherence to all the COVID-19 SOPs was ensured. Wearing of face masks was made mandatory, the batch was divided into several groups to avoid crowding, students were seated at a considerable distance, hand sanitizers were installed throughout the campus and movement of the students was restricted as most of the activities were carried out at the SEECS seminar hall.


Firstly, icebreaking sessions were carried out where the students briefly introduced themselves, expressed their aspirations and expectations, mentioned their distinctive traits and took part in several debates. Such activities help the students speak their mind unhesitatingly and feel homely with the SEECS family.

Registrations and School Visit:-

Formal registrations of the students at their respective departments were carried out by collecting their documents and briefly interviewing them. The students were taken for a school visit afterwards. The group of students called on a particular day was further divided into smaller groups in compliance with the safety protocols which could not be compromised. In addition to that, some flavoursome and delectable food was served to the freshmen after their visit.

Alumni Talk:-

SEECS can proudly boast of nurturing some of the most ingenious people in the country who later made their mark at the leading education institutions and corporate giants around the globe . Some of the most terrific and notable alumni of SEECS were invited to deliver talks on this occasion. They shared their respective experiences and ambitions with the freshmen in order to inculcate in them the indispensable values and ethics that helped them flourish and prosper in their careers. Such talks prove to be very insightful and motivating for the younger lot that strives to follow the effectual legacy of these alumni. Moreover, some of the faculty members also delivered their talks in order to warmly welcome the students and comfort them in these unfortunate times.

Society briefings and jam sessions:-

NUST-SEECS comprises of several student bodies or societies run by some of the most dedicated students at SEECS. Such bodies are responsible for conducting several curricular and co-curricular activities around the campus. The society briefings were held where the Office Bearers explained the motive and accomplishments of their respective societies in order to encourage the freshmen to join them and become integral members of these student bodies as being a member of such organisations, one gets to acquire several professional and interpersonal skills and learn how to maintain work-life balance. In addition to that, the freshmen got to enjoy the singing performances and jam sessions by some of the highly talented students we have here at SEECS. This was done in order to make up for the concerts that were to be held in case of normalcy.

Conclusion :-

All in all, it was a heartening event where despite of being faced by the adversity of a full-blown pandemic, it was made as enjoyable as possible and the safety measures were not compromised at any cost. Maximum efforts were made for their delectation and their stay at SEECS will truly make up for it as NUST provides a bustling and exceptional campus life. Last but not the least, the immense efforts put in by the administration, faculty and students are noteworthy and appreciable, as this event would not have occurred otherwise.