News GDG Islamabad Flagship Event: DevFest’19

GDG Islamabad Flagship Event: DevFest’19


GDG DevFest

Google’s Flagship Event: GDG DevFest’19 was successfully conducted on Saturday, 7th December at Jinnah Auditorium, NUST H-12, Islamabad by NUST Entrepreneurs Club & ACM NUST in collaboration with GDG Islamabad. The event got a huge response as more than 900 participants from all over Islamabad attended the event, including students as well professionals. The event started with Dr. Muazzam A Khan Khattak, Associate Dean of SEECS-NUST, giving a warm welcome to the participants, acknowledging the hard work put into the event by NEC and ACM NUST Student Chapter and emphasizing on the importance of events like this in bridging the gap between industry and the students.

Special efforts were made to make the event more inclusive: DeafTawk, a partner for this event, ensured that everything being spoken at the event was conveyed to the participants in sign language in an effort to accommodate the deaf participants. The event aimed at promoting various Google technologies and platforms and succeeded by carrying out multiple extensive workshops and interactive sessions in the supervision of Google Developer Experts from across the globe.

GDG DevFest further had eight companies in its Industrial Panel. There were inspirational talks such as those by the Director of National Incubation Centre (NIC), and the debate between Sardar Abubakar (CDO) – Telenor & Aamer Ejaz (CDO) – Jazz. All these activities helped students gain professional insight and perspective. GDG DevFest is considered a big achievement on NEC and ACM’s part and is considered one of the two mega-events of this academic session.

Cloud DevFest

Cloud DevFest was successfully conducted on Saturday, 30th November 2019, at NICE Building, NUST H-12, Islamabad by NUST Entrepreneurs Club (NEC) and ACM NUST Student Chapter, in collaboration with GDG Cloud Islamabad. The event was attended by around 500 people from all over Islamabad, including students as well as professionals. It was promoted extensively through all NUST Platforms and Social Media handles. The event aimed at carrying out interactive sessions and workshops based on tech engineering, machine learning, data analysis, etc.

More than 50 people from NUST Entrepreneurs Club and ACM NUST volunteered to work actively for the event. The event had 17 experienced speakers that shared their thought-provoking and inspirational stories with the crowd. Furthermore, five instructors, which included Google Developer Experts (GDEs) and GitHub Campus were present at the event to give the students first-hand knowledge about Google and its developing technologies.

All the attendees including the faculty, the guests and the students appreciated and acknowledged the way the event was carried out. The event was a major success and was highlighted internationally in the Google network as well.