In The Spotlights NUST-SEECS Alumnus’ AI Company acquired by Facebook Meta – Featured in the Forbes 30 under 30

Awais Shafique completed his degree in BEE, Electrical and Electronics Engineering at SEECS during 2012-2016. He received a variety of honors during his graduation ceremony:

  1. Medal of Appreciation from Pakistan’s Chief of Army Staff
  2. NUST Rector’s High Achievers Award and Honorary Rector’s Gold Medal (3 Times)
  3. Awarded for Developing Creative and Innovative Solutions (2 Times)

Awais recently launched his AI company –, which is now acquired by Meta (formerly Facebook). He will be the project manager and will lead his company part in Meta (Facebook). Awais Shafique has also been included alongside his co-founder Leon on the Forbes 30 under 30 list for Europe. creates the most accurate body scanning software by fusing the most recent advancements in Computer Vision and Deep Learning. is a software for size recommendations for fashion and e-commerce users. It is an optimized accurate body measurements that can be installed and used in a smartphone. Users of fashion e-commerce are advised on size selections to buy and keep. Presize enables online buyers to turn around once in front of their smartphone camera while wearing regular clothing, and automatically get their best fitting apparel scale recommended.