In The Spotlights Dr Muhammad Moazam Fraz is awarded CureMD Fellowship Funding
Dr Muhammad Moazam Fraz have been awarded CureMD Fellowship funding for the project titled “Extracting Cancer Phenotypes from Radiology Reports and Clinical Records – Tapping the power of unstructured data”.
This project aims to develop an AI enabled framework for transforming cancer phenotype information from a patient’s medical history and other clinical texts into a quantified data amenable to computational analysis. A cancer phenotype exploration and visualisations framework would enable the research advancement in analysing correlation between cancer genotype and phenotype in the context of identifying pathways of personalised cancer treatment. The project will be carried out in the Machine Vision and Intelligent Systems Lab, NICHE, NUST.
This is an industrial funding from a US based technology company CureMD which is a leading provider of innovative health information systems and services that transform the administrative and clinical operations of healthcare organisations of all sizes.
CureMD has awarded 4 Fellowship proposals out of 100 odd applications that were submitted by the most well-known researchers in the country.