In The Spotlights CureMD Young Inventor Program (YIP) 2021
Courtesy brilliance and inventiveness of its pool of highly talented students and faculty, NUST continues to be on a winning streak since dawn of the year 2021 – latest of these meritorious accomplishments being a comprehensive even dazzling triumph of students of NUST School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (SEECS) at CureMD Young Inventor Programme (YIP 2021) held from January to April 2021. The committee of judges unanimously endorsed three Nustians out of seven finalists for the competition, wherein as many as 900 students from across Pakistan pitched their innovative potential. The excelling SEECS students claiming the top three slots include Alina Irfan, Shahbaz Naeem and Ayman Tanveer.
In addition to the above-mentioned students, six other SEECS students also qualified for CureMD Grit Plus Award and CureMD Grit Award. Momina Gul, Talha Masood and Hamza lqbal were awarded Grit Plus Award, whereas Amna ljaz, Usama Saghir and M Abdur Rehman were conferred the Grit Award.