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Industry Visits

To provide exposure to current technologies, Industry practises and Corporate culture, SEECS ensures every student is provided comprehensible access to Industry during their coursework, and hence arranges Industry visits for all undergraduate students, every semester.

Industrial Visits Plan Fall-2019 ​BEE
Sr. No Organisation Date Batch Supervisor
1 NUST H-12, Power Grid 15th Oct, 2019 BEE-11A Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad Rana (Asst. Professor)
2 NUST H-12, Power Grid 16th Oct, 2019 BEE-11B Dr. Usman Ali (Asst. Professor)
3 NUST H-12, Power Grid 22nd Oct, 2019 BEE-11C Dr. Sajjad Hussain (Asst. Professor)
4 Attock Generation Limited (AGL) 17th Sept, 2019 BEE-10A Dr. Hasan Arshad Nasir (Asst. Professor)
5 High Voltage Lab (Rawat) 19th Sept, 2019 BEE-10C Dr. Hasan Arshad Nasir (Asst. Professor)
6 Ghazi Brotha Power Plant 30th Oct, 2019 BEE-9A Engr. Arshad Nazir​ (Asst. Professor)
7 Elektro Control Industries 10th Dec, 2018 BEE-8C Dr. Hassan Khaliq (Associate Professor)
8 NUST H-12, Power Grid 24th Oct, 2019 BEE-11D Dr. Huma Ghafoor (Asst. Professor)
9 NRTC, Haripur 31st Oct, 2019 BEE-9B Dr. Taha Ali (Asst. Professor)
10 Satellite Earth Station Malach 3rd Dec, 2019 BEE-10B Dr. Rizwan Ahmad (Asst. Professor)
11 Ghazi Brotha Power Plant 7th Nov, 2019 BEE-9D Engr. Muhammad Ramzan (Asst. Professor)
12 RWR 24th Sep, 2019 BEE-9B Dr Salman Ghafoor (Asst. Professor)
13 High Voltage Lab (Rawat) 26th Sept, 2019 BEE-8D Dr. Zubair Rehman (Asst. Professor)
14 HIT Taxila 26th Nov, 2019 BEE-10D Dr. Farid Gul (Asst. Professor)
15 Avionics Production Factory(APF) 28th Nov, 2019​ BEE-8A Engr. Shakeel Alvi (Asst. Professor)
16 NRTC, Haripur​ 5th Nov, 2019 BEE-9C Dr. Ahmad Salman​ (Asst. Professor)
Industrial Visits Plan Fall-2019 ​BESE:
Sr. No Organisation Date Batch Supervisor
1​ ​Zigron ​16th Sep, 2019 ​BESE-8A ​Dr. Muhammad Shahzad (AP)
2 ​PTCL ​23th Sep, 2019 ​BESE-7B ​Ms. Hania Aslam (Lecturer)
3 ​Teresol Pvt Ltd. ​18th Sep, 2019 ​BESE-7A ​Dr. Asif Ali (Asst. Professor)
4 ​WeRPlay Islamabad Pakistan ​25th Sep, 2019 ​BESE-8B ​Dr. Asad Ali. Shah (AP)
5 ​Nayatel ​17th Oct, 2019 ​BESE-9A Ms. Haleema Zia (AP)
​6 ​Nayatel ​23th Oct, 2019 ​BESE-9B ​Ms. Hania Aslam (Lecturer)
7 ​NUST-TIC ​6th Nov, 2019 ​BESE-10A ​Dr. Asif Ali (Asst. Professor)
​8 ​NUST-TIC ​8th Nov, 2018 BESE-10B​ ​Ms. Ayesha Kanwal (Lecturer)
Industrial Visits Plan Fall-2019 ​BSCS
​S. No ​​Organisation ​​Date ​​Batch ​Supervisor
​1 ​Teradata Pakistan Islamabad ​18th Oct, 2019 ​BSCS-6A ​Dr. Muhammad Zeeshan (AP)
​​2 ​Telenor Pakistan ​13th Oct, 2019 ​BSCS-6B ​Mr. Ahsan Gul (Lecturer)
​3 ​SAFARIFONE Pvt. Ltd ​1st Oct, 2019 ​BSCS-6C ​Dr. Muhammad Zeeshan (AP)
​​4 ​DiscreteLogix Islamabad ​29th Oct, 2019 ​BSCS-7A ​Dr. Safdar Khan (Asst. Professor)
​5 ​Trillium Info Security, AWT ​31th Oct, 2019 ​BSCS-7B ​Engr. Imran Malik (Asst. Professor)
​​6 ​Trillium Info Security, AWT ​12th Nov, 2019 ​BSCS-7C ​Dr. Fahad Javed (Asst. Professor)
​7 ​Teresol Pvt Ltd Islamabad ​17th Nov, 2019 ​BSCS-8A ​Ms. Sana Khalique (Asst. Professor)
​​8 ​HiveWorx Pvt Ltd, Islamabad ​5th Dec, 2019 ​BSCS-8B ​Dr. Khurram Toor (Asst. Professor)
​​9 ​LMKR ​4th Dec, 2019 ​BSCS-8C ​Dr. Seema Jahan (Asst. Professor)
​10 ​Elixir technologies ​6th Dec, 2019 ​BSCS-9A ​Dr. Rabia Irfan (Asst. Professor)
​​11 ​Elixir technologies ​11th Dec, 2019 ​BSCS-9B ​Dr. Sidra Sultana (Asst. Professor)
​12 ​TIC, NUST ​12th Dec, 2019 ​BSCS-9C ​Dr. Muhammad Shahzad (AP)