Collaborations Industry Talks and Seminars

Industry Talks and Seminars

Leading researchers and renowned Industry heads are invited to SEECS to give talks to students on many topics, with the purpose of creating awareness and passion for emerging technologies, global and local challenges and their solutions, best industry practices.

Conference / Seminars / Workshops

Title of Seminar/Workshops/Conferences / Symposia Duration Name of Speaker
From To
Getting into Imagine Cup – Fireside Chat 9-Jan-21 9-Jan-21 Mr. Cameron Ven Breda – Co Founder & CEO Hollo Ltd
Imagine Cup session 10-Jan-21 10-Jan-21 SEECS alumni Mahad Bajwa BESE 7
IoT and 4th industrial Revolution with Dr. Fawad Naseer 9-Jan-21 9-Jan-21 Dr. Fawad Naseer
Innovation Talk session 8-Jan-21 8-Jan-21 Telenor Pakistan
Guest Speaker’s Ms. Madiha Parvez
-Head of Corporate Innovation and Digital Education
Innovation Talk-Botnostic Solutions- Startups, Sustainability and Scalability 5-Jan-21 5-Jan-21 Botnostic Solutions
Ms. Ramsha Khurram
CEO and Co-Founder
NUST Career Talk: Meet Mr Zafar Gillani -PHD Scholar from Cambridge University 6-Jan-21 6-Jan-21 Mr Zafar Gillani -PHD Scholar from Cambridge University
NUST Career Talk- Meet Mr Taimur Aziz ,VP HR at Nayatel 27-Jan-21 27-Jan-21 Mr Taimur Aziz ,VP HR at Nayatel
NUST Career Talk- Meet Mr Wasiq Nadeem- 5G SW Architect at Nokia, Germany 28-Jan-21 28-Jan-21 Mr Wasiq Nadeem- 5G SW Architect at Nokia, Germany
5-Day Online Training on Automatic Speech Recognition 15-Feb-21 19-Feb-21
Industry Career Talk-ICI Pakistan 22-Feb-21 22-Feb-21 Mr Razi HassanICI Pakistan Limited
CureMD – On-Campus Session 11-Mar-21 11-Mar-21 Dr. Muddassar Farooq, Chief Scientific Officer from CureMD
Roadmap to Embedded Systems 21-Mar-21 03:00 PM to 04:00 PM Zeeshan Altaf and Dr. Ahmed Majeed Khan. Zeeshan Altaf
Alumni Talk Series 24-03-2021 – 06:00 PM Mr Muhammad Bin Javaid (VP Research and Innovation SEECS)
Career Conversation (Episode 2): Let’s Talk Tech Jobs 25-Mar-21 05:00 PM Mr. Ehmad Zubair, an alumnus of NUS
ML Using Spark Course – AI Lounge 30-Mar-21 Tuesday and Thursday: 6:00 PM -8:00 PM
Deep Learning for Document Analysis and Recognition 5-Apr-21 9-Apr-21 Dr. Imran Malik, Dr. Faisal Shafait and Dr. Adnan ul Hassan
[Guest Lecture] [Online] Lounging With An Entrepreneur 5.0 | Youth Entrepreneurial Society (YES) – SEECS 13-04-2021
5 to 6 PM
CEO and the CTO of Sedenius Technologies –
Mr. Daniyal Yasin & Mr. Aadil Jaleel Choudhry
CSL Workshop # 4 on Basic First Aid and Fire Fighting 15-Apr-21 Mr. Nazim Javed
Central Seminar on ​Personality Grooming and Social Responsibilities Dr. Abdul Karim Usman
LLB, PHD (Islamic Law and Jurisprudence )
In-Charge Department of Shariah
Faculty of Shariah and Law IIU, Islamabad
Webinar on Demystifying Data Analytics 21-May-21 21-May-21 Dr. Rabia Irfan
2021 International Conference on Digital Futures and Transformative Technologies
20-May-21 21-May-21 Many Speakers
Industry Innovation Talk session 27-May-21 27-May-21 Muazzam Arslan Bhatti
CEO Alfoze Technologies Pvt Ltd
Guest Lecture] Business Talk With The CEO Of NAYATEL | 27-May-21 27-May-21 Mr. Wahaj us Siraj is CEO and co-founder of NAYATEL
Introduction to Arduino – Tech Talk Episode 7 29-May-21 29-May-21 IEEE SEECS
Edge Computing for Computer Vision 23-Aug-21 27-Aug-21 Dr. Moazam Fraz
Dr. M Shahzad
Dr. Yasir Faheem
Dr Sajid Javed
Dr. M Shaban
A Workshop on Formal Analysis of Protection Systems in Smart Grids using Probabilistic Model Checking 25-Aug-21 5 to 6 PM Dr. Osman Hasan, SEECS, NUST
Ibrahim Evkay, Yildiz Technical University (YTU), Turkey
Sobia Ashraf , SEECS, NUST
Leadership Summit 27-Aug-21 9 to 3:30PM Dr. Rafia Mumtaz
Celebrating Achievements of Pakistani Women in AI September 27, 2021 from 9 am – 5 pm. Fourteen (14) female speakers (academicians, researchers, PhD students, professionals) from Pakistan
Workshop on HCIA (Routing and Switching)​ 16-Aug-21 8-Sep-21 Dr Arsalan Ahmad
HCIP(R&S), HCIA(R&S), HCAI(Instructor)
Mr. Ali Hassnain
HCIP(R&S), HCIA(R&S), HCIA(Security), HCIA(Storage), HCAI(Instructor)
Seminar on Quantum Computing and its Application Areas 15-Sep-21 15-Sep-21 Dr. Zunaira Babar
An IP Awareness Webinar on “Intellectual Property Awareness”  for the Faculty and Students of SEECS 10-Sep-21 10-Sep-21 Dr. Rizwan Ahmed
Seminar titled: Strategic Significance of Open Air Interface in 5G 22nd Sept (from 11:30 – 1 pm) Presenter: Dr. Irfan Ghauri, Director Operations OAI
IEEE-SEECS has shaped an event week in light of IEEE Day. 4-Oct-2021 to 8-Oct-2021 Dr. Rafia Mumtaz
How To Innovate – Red Bull Basement Session 13-Oct-21 ILO
Huawei ICT Competition Middle East 2021 Pakistan Roadshow 14-Oct-21 Ali Hasnain
“Git, Set, Go!” under the global HacktoberFest to introduce students (NUST and Non-NUST) to OpenSource contributions and development. 15-Oct-21 M Hassan NUST ACM
Let’s Learn Web Designing 12-Dec-20 12-Dec-20 ACM
Artificial Intelligence in Neuroscience and Health Care 11-Dec-20 11-Dec-20 Dr. Faisal Shafait
Recruitment Drive 10-Dec-20 10-Dec-20 Ms. Sadia Irfan Dir HR Fatima Group
Recruitment Drive 9-Dec-20 9-Dec-20 Mr Irteza Ubaid, Head of Business Development at Shams Power
DSC Bootcamp 101 13-Dec-20 14-Dec-20 NUST Cyber Security Club, Computer Science Society, CUI, Islamabad
Celebrating Women who work to End Gender-Based Violence and Move the World Towards Gender Equality 9-Dec-20 9-Dec-20 IEEE – SEECS
[Tech Talks] Introduction to Matlab 6-Dec-20 6-Dec-20 IEEE – SEECS
[Tech Talks] Basics of PyTorch 20-Dec-20 20-Dec-20
Mentorship Series Ep02: Community Building and Networking 21-Dec-20 21-Dec-20 Mr. Ali Ayub Khan
AI 101: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 26-Dec-20 26-Dec-20