NUST School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (NUST-SEECS)

Dr. Emad Felemban visited NUST on the 30th May, 2012
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SEECS Corporate Advisory Council (CAC)


7th CAC meeting

The 7th meeting of CAC was held on 8th May,2010. The industry partners showed heightened interest in the proceedings of CAC. Interactive deliberation and discussion was carried out and a keen resolve from both the sides to further strengthen this bond of understanding and mutual collaboration was observed. Both the sides expressed high hopes in this spirit of understanding and commitment to a worthwhile cause and were able to identify areas of concern as well as possible strategies to facilitate and improve our students' working with industries. The members were optimistic that these joint efforts will, InshaAllah, pave the way forward for a mutually rewarding linkage between the academia and our industries. DG SEECS, Dr Arshad Ali, presided the meeting and welcomed all the participants from various national and multinational organizations. The chairman CAC Ms Jehan Ara (President P@sha) praised SEECS role in bridging the gap between Industry and academia and emphasized upon further raising the level of trust between these parties.

 The minutes of the 7th CAC meeting reproduced below will give the reader an idea of what happens at a CAC meeting and why SEECS considers this forum of such vital importance.