Ms Saba Zia
Department of Electrical Engineering

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (SEECS)
National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
NUST Campus H-12, Islamabad
Tel: 9251-90852185
Email: saba.zia at

Electrical (Telecom) Engineering

MS (Telecom) EE – Telecom Engineering – MCS-NUST, Pakistan (2009)

Ms. Saba Zia did her Bachelors in Information and Communication
Systems Engineering (BICSE) from School of Electrical Engineering and
Computer Science (SEECS), a constituent college of National University
of Sciences and Technology (NUST) in 2007. In 2009, she completed her
Masters in Electrical Engineering with specialization in Telecom
Engineering from College of Telecommunications (MCS), NUST. From April
2007 to January 2010, she worked at CEFAR, NUST as a Lab Engineer
where she worked on HEC funded project “FPGA Based MIL-STD-1553 Remote
Terminal/Bus Controller/ Bus Monitor”, FPGA Based Portable Spectrum
Analyzer, and ICT R& D project “Software Defined Radio Development
using Network-On-Chip based Rapid Prototyping Platform” which is in
joint collaboration with KTH, Sweden. She has also been the leading
member of the project “Hybrid Solid State Disk” which has been
forwarded to ICT R & D for funding. In Sept 2010, she joined the
School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (SEECS), NUST
as a faculty member where she is currently involved in teaching and
research activities. Her interest lies in Digital Systems and FPGA
based system design.

Research Experience

Lab Engineer/Research Assistant, NUST
August 2007 – January 2010 (2 years 5 months )

Details: A. Contribution in Projects
1. FPGA based MIL STD 1553 Bus controller/ Remote Terminal/ Bus Monitor
2. FPGA based Spectrum Analyzer
3. Software Defined Radio Development using NOC type Rapid Prototyping Platform

B. Contribution in Funding Proposals
1. Design and Verification of Low-Power, High-Speed IP Suite for Universal Serial Bus (USB 3.0)
2. Design and Implementation of High Performance and Energy Efficient Hybrid Solid State Disk

Conference Papers

Anam Zaman, Sumayya Shiraz, Saba Zia, Abdullah Mansoor, Farooq Ahmed, "Flash Aging Prevention Technique (FAP) for Flash Based Solid State Disks", Proceedings of the IEEE 2011 6th International Conference on Computer Science & Education (ICCSE 2011), pp. 531-536, Aug, 2011, Singapore.

Sumayya Shiraz,Anam Zaman, Saba Zia, Abdullah Mansoor,Farooq Ahmad, "Block Aging Prevention Technique (BAP) for Flash Based Solid State Disks", Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies 2011 (ICET 2011), pp. 1-6, 2011, Islamabad Pakistan.

Books/Chapters Published

[Book]Saba Zia, Muhammad Bilal Saqib, "Digital Baseband Processor for 802.11a in a Reconfigurable Environment ", Lambert Academic Publishing, Ed. 1, ISBN 978-3-8484-3483-1, 2012.


DESIGN OF HIGH PERFORMANCE HYBRID SOLID STATE DISK, Saba Zia, Islamabad (PK); Abdullah Mansoor, Islamabad (PK); Hafiz Farooq Ahmad, Islamabad (PK); Muhammad Bilal Saqib, Lahore (PK); Arshad Ali, Islamabad (PK); HironaoTakahashi, Tokyo(JP);, National University of Science and Technology (NUST), ISLAMABAD (PK); DTS Inc, Tokyo (JP), Patent Appln No. 24/2011, issued Jan 24, 2011

Lecturer , NUST
September 2010 – Present (7 years 9 months )

Details: Courses:
1. EE446 - Embedded System Design [Theory + Lab] (7th Semester)
1. CSE 350 - FPGA based System Design [Theory + Lab] (6th Semester)
2. Embedded System Design [Lab Module] (7th Semester)