Dr. Rehan Hafiz
Assistant Professor (HEC Approved Supervisor)
Department of Electrical Engineering

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (SEECS)
National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
NUST Campus H-12, Islamabad
Tel: 051-90852107
Email: rehan.hafiz at seecs.edu.pk
Web: http://rhafiz.seecs.nust.edu.pk/

Digital Image Processing, Computer Vision, Digital System Design

PhD – Reconfigurable Signal Processing Techniques for Optical Tomography – The University of Manchester, United Kingdom (2008)

Welcome everyone . I began my professional education in Computer Systems Engineering form NUST at EME College,  started my Masters in Computer Engineering again from NUST --- Half way in between proceeded to the University of Manchester for PhD on NUST scholarship --- and now back to NUST at SEECS as Assistant Professor in the EE Dept..... I am currently also leading the VISPRO reserach group at SEECS:

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Vision Image & Signal Processing Research Group

Research Interest

My research revolves around algorithm development and their digital implementations. Some of my research projects can be broadly classified as:

  • Computer Vision / Digital Image / Video / Signal Processing
    • Video Mosaics, Image registration, Video Surveillance
    • Immersive Environments & Interactivity
  • FPGA based system design
    • Digital balanced detection for multichannel optical tomography
    • VHDL system development for real time Image registration
  • Algorithm development
    • Game simulation for battlefield simulation
    • Analysis of equation generation for GSM A5/2 encryption
    • Real time noise suppression algorithm for Laser based spectroscopic and Tomographic application

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Vision Image & Signal Processing - LAB


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Assistant Professor , SEECS-NUST
May 2008 – Present (10 years 3 months )

Details: Fall 2008 - Embedded System Design
Spring 2009 - Computer Architecture / Microprocessor based Design
Fall 2009 - Advanced Digital System Design
Spring 2010 - Advanced Digital Image Processing