Muhammad Muddassir Malik
Assistant Professor
Department of Computing

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (SEECS)
National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
NUST Campus H-12, Islamabad
Tel: 051-90852275

Scientific and Information Visualization, Comparative Visualization, Industrial CT (HEC Approved PhD Supervisor)

Research Experience

Research Assistant , Vienna University of Technology

December 2005 - December 2009

Details: Research Assistant at the Institute of Computer Graphics and Algorithms, Vienna University of Technology. Responsibilities include conducting research in scienti?c visualization, supervising projects, organizing computer graphics seminars, and assisting faculty in teaching and examinations. graphics seminars, and assisting faculty in teaching and examinations. I was part of the research team working on the SimCT (simulation of industrial 3D computed tomography) project. The project was a collabo

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Muhammad Muddassir Malik , C. Heinzl, M.Eduard GrÖller , "Computation and Visualization of Fabrication Artifacts", Journal of WSCG, Vol. 17 , No. 1, PP. 17, Feb, 2009.


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Michael Glanznig , Muhammad Muddassir Malik, M.Eduard GrÖller , "Locally Adaptive Marching Cubes through Iso-value Variation", Proceedings of the International Conference in Central Europe on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision, Feb, 2009, Czech Republic , Czech Republic.
Muhammad Muddassir Malik , Torsten MÜller, M. Eduard GrÖller , "Feature Peeling", Proceedings of the Graphics Interface, May, 2007, Montreal, Canada , Canada.

Lecturer , COMSATS Institute of Information Technology
September 2004 - October 2005

Details: Teaching graduate and under graduate students, Software Engineering, and supervising projects