Mr. Maajid Maqbool
Assistant Professor
Department of Computing

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (SEECS)
National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
NUST Campus H-12, Islamabad
Tel: 051-90852159
Email: maajid.maqbool at

Management and Technology in general

MBA – Business Administration – University of Windsor, Canada (1983)

I wish to share my knowledge and experience with students so that they can be imaginative and creative solution builders. By creating value, generating wealth and serving society, they can prove to be useful local and global citizens. 

Research Interest

Interested in converting knowledge into product or service asset through the use of information, communication, electronic and alternative energy technologies.

Current Research Projects


- Serving as Member HEC Innovation Steering Committee

- Guiding students  with their business ideas 

- Several small scale ongoing projects with students


Journal Papers

Atifa Sarwar, Hamid Mukhtar, Maajid Maqbool and Djamel Belaid, "SmartFit: A Step Count Based Mobile Application for Engagement in Physical Activities", (IJACSA) International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications, Vol. 6, No. 8, pp. 1, Sep, 2015.

Yahya Javed, Adeel Baig and Maajid Maqbool, "Enhanced Quality of Service Support for Triple Play Services in IEEE 802.11 WLANs", EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking, Vol. 2015, No. 9, Jan, 2015.

Conference Papers

Z. Riaz,M. Arslan,A. K. Kiani,M. Maqbool,S. Azhar, "CoSMoS: A BIM and Wireless Sensors based Integrated Solution for Worker Safety in Confined Spaces", Proceedings of the International Conference on Safety, Construction Engineering and Project Management (ICSCEPM 2013)“Issues, Challenges and Opportunities in Developing Countries” , pp. 95-100, 2013, Islamabad Pakistan.

M.Alam M. Hussain, M. Afzal, M. Maqbool, H. F. Ahmad, S. Razzaq, " Design and Implementation of HL7 V3 Standard-based Service Aware System", Proceedings of the ISADS 2011, IEEE 10th International Symposium on Autonomous Decentralized Systems , pp. 420-425, 2011, Tokyo and Hiroshima Japan.

M. Alam,S. Razzaq,M. Hussain,M. Maqbool,H.F. Ahmad, "Service Oriented architecture for HL7 Based eHealth Systems", Proceedings of the 1st International eHAP Conference, pp. --, 2010, Karachi Pakistan.

Ghazala Roohi, Maajid Maqbool, Ubaidullah Azeem, Akhtar Javed, M. Rashid Awan, "Virtual Orientation Gallery", Proceedings of the International Conference on Women's Impact on Science and Technology in the New Millenium, pp. 925-928, Nov, 2005, Bangalore India.

Assistant Professor , SEECS-NUST
August 2008 – Present (10 years 1 month )

Details: Teaching technology and business related courses to freshmen and graduating students.

Laying the foundation and getting ready for the world

Fall 2008: ISE-102 Fundamentals of ICT (BEE-5AB)

Spring 2009: MGT-450 Entrepreneurship + IP (BEE-7, BICSE-3)

Fall 2009: ISE-102 Fundamentals of ICT (BIT-11AB)

Spring 2010: MGT-450 Entrepreneurship + IP (BEE-8, BICSE-4)

Fall 2010: ISE-102 Fundamentals of ICT (BIT-12, BESE-1AB)

Spring 2011: MGT-450 Entrepreneurship + IP (BIT-9ABC)

Fall 2011: CS-100 Fundamentals of ICT (BSCS-1, BESE-2AB)

Spring 2012: HU-448 Entrepreneurship (BICSE-6A, BIT-10CD)

Summer 2012: CS-100 Fundamentals of ICT

Fall 2012: CS-100 Fundamentals of ICT (BSCS-2AB, BESE-3)

Spring 2013: HU-448 Entrepreneurship (BIT-11A, BICSE-7AB)

Fall 2013: CS-100 Fundamentals of ICT (BSCS-3AB)

Fall 2013: MGT-450 Entrepreneurship (BESE-1B)

Spring 2014: MGT-450,HU-448 Entrepreneurship (BICSE-8, BIT-12)

Spring 2014: CSL-401 Community Service Learning (BESE-1AB, BICSE-8, BIT-12)

Fall 2014: MGT-471 Entrepreneurship (BESE-2AB)

Fall 2014: MGT-271 Entrepreneurship (BSCS-1)

Spring 2015: MGT-471 Entrepreneurship (BEE-3AB)

Spring 2015: CSL-401 Community Service Learning (BESE-2AB)

Fall 2015: MGT-271 Entrepreneurship (BSCS-2AB)

Fall 2015: MGT-271 Entrepreneurship (BESE-3AB)

Spring 2016: MGT-271 Entrepreneurship (BEE-4ABC)

Senior Vice President (Operations), Averox (Private) Limited
February 2007 – April 2008 (1 year 2 months )

Details: Managed the Pakistan based operations of Averox.

Consultant/CEO, Goldmine Software
February 2006 – February 2007 (1 year )

Consultant, Pakistan Science Foundation
January 2004 – February 2006 (2 years 1 month )

Chief Operating Officer, Habib Rafiq Technologies
January 2001 – October 2003 (2 years 9 months )

Director, Systems Research/Anjum Asim Shahid/Advertasia
September 1998 – December 2000 (2 years 3 months )

Sales Executive to Regional Marketing Manager, Jaffer Brothers (Pvt) Limited
February 1984 – August 1998 (14 years 6 months )

Varied and interesting

25 years of progressive experience in the Information and Communication Technology industry in sales, marketing and management at the senior level.