Dr. Amir Ali Khan
Assistant Professor
Department of Electrical Engineering

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (SEECS)
National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
NUST Campus H-12, Islamabad
Tel: 051-90852162
Email: amir.ali at seecs.edu.pk
Web: http://seecs.nust.edu.pk/faculty/amkhan.html

Statistical Signal Processing; Biomedical Signal/Image Processing, Anomaly Detection

PhD – Electrical Engineering (Signal Processing) – Grenoble INP, France (2009)

Research Interest

Statistical Signal Processing : Signal Processing for Cryptanalysis (PhD Supervision); Source separation methods (ICA/BSS, SVD, Bayesian methods); Time-frequency methods for Fault Identification in Materials;

Physiological signal processing applications (Neuromarketing, Multimodal Analysis, EEG/EMG based interfaces)

Optical Fiber Based Sensing Applications (Early Warning Systems; Remote Monitoring; Environmental Sensing Applications)

Processing and classification of multispectral FTIR scans for agricultural sector.

Wave Propagation (Metamaterials)

Current Research Projects

Optical Fiber Based Sensing; NDT Algos., Signal Proc. in Cryptanalysis, EEG Signal Processing

Erasmus Mundus INTACT project (Funding: 2.97 million euros); Role: Partner (Co-PI NUST)

Optical Fiber Based Distributed Sensing for Environmental Applications (Collab. Univ. of Limerick, Ireland)

Time-Frequency (Wavelet/EMD) and System Identification (blind deconvolution, ARMA/HOS) based algorithms for Non-destructive material testing using thermal infrared radiometry (MS openings) (Collab. Univ. of Reims, France)

Source separation methods for cryptanalysis (MS openings available, contact through email) (Collab. Dr. Fauzan Mirza)

Physiological EEG based applications (Market research, Interfaces for handicapped) (MS openings available, contact through email) (Collab. Dr. Nabeel Anwar)

Early Warning Systems : Consultancy with geophyConsult, France

Journal Papers

A. A. Khan, V. Vrabie, Y. L. Beck, J. I. Mars, G. D'Urso,, "Monitoring and early detection of internal erosion: Distributed Sensing and Processing", Structural Health Monitoring, 2014.

A. A. Khan, "Automatic monitoring system for singularity detection in dikes by DTS data measurement", IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation & Measurement, Vol. 59, No. 8, pp. 2167-2175, Aug, 2010.

A. A. Khan, "A source separation technique for processing of thermometric data from fiber-optic DTS measurements for water leakage identification in dikes.", IEEE Sensors Journal, Vol. 8, No. 7, pp. 1118-1129, Jul, 2008.

Conference Papers

A. Riaz, S. Akhtar, S. Iftikhar, A. A. Khan, A. Salman , "Intercomparison of classification techniques for vowel speech imagery using EEG sensors", Proceedings of the ICSAI 2014, pp. , Nov, 2014, Shanghai China.

J. I. Mars, E. Bouchoud, V. Vrabie , A. A. Khan, S. Blairon and G. d’Urso,, "Source Separation and Distributed Sensing: the Key to Efficient Monitoring", Proceedings of the Fifth IEEE Workshop on Computational Advances in Multi-sensor adaptive processing, CAMPSAP, Dec, 2013, Saint Martin France.

O. Artieres, Y. L. Beck, A. A. Khan, J. J. Fry,P. Pinettes, "Thermal and stability monitoring of earth dams with fiber-optics based monitoring systems", Proceedings of the IInd Intl. Conf. on Dam Maintenance and Rehabilitation, 2012, Zaragoza Spain.

J. I. Mars A. A. Khan, V. Vrabie, A. Girard and G. d’Urso, "Water leakage detection in dikes by fiber optic", Proceedings of the EAGE, Barcelona 2010, pp. , Jul, 2010, Barcelona Spain.

A. A. Khan P. Cunat, Y. L. Beck, J. I. Mars, V. Vrabie, and J. P. Fabre, "Distributed fiber optic temperature sensors for leakage detection in hydraulic structures", Proceedings of the 5th World Conf. on Structural Control and Monitoring, Jul, 2010, Tokyo Japan.

Y. L. Beck,A. A. Khan,P. Cunat,C. Guidoux, "Thermal monitoring of embankment dams by fiber optics", Proceedings of the 8th ICOLD European Club symposium, 2010, Innsbruck Austria.

A. A. Khan,V. Vrabie,J. I. Mars, "Séparation de sources thermométriques pour la détection des fuites dans des digues en terre", Proceedings of the GRETSI'09, Sep, 2009, Dijon France.

A. A. Khan V. Vrabie, G. D’Urso, and J. I. Mars, "SVD based automated dike monitoring system using DTS data", Proceedings of the IECON'08, Nov, 2008, Orlando United States.

A. A. Khan V. Vrabie, J. I. Mars and A. Girard, "A least square approach for bidimensional source separation using higher order statistics criteria", Proceedings of the EUSIPCO 2008, Aug, 2008, Lausanne Switzerland.

A. A. Khan V. Vrabie, G. D’Urso, and J. I. Mars, "Blind source separation techniques for percolation-type leakage detection in dikes using fiber optic DTS signals", Proceedings of the OFS'19, Apr, 2008, Perth Australia.

A. A. Khan,V. Vrabie,G. D’Urso,J. I. Mars, "Multicomponent filtering for leakage detection using bi-dimensional thermometric data", Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Communication, 2008, Bucarest Romania.

A. A. Khan,M. J. Mughal, "Electromagnetic Scanning using Metamaterials", Proceedings of the IBCAST, 2005, Bhurban Pakistan.

M. J. Mughal,C. C. Constantinou, A. A. Khan, "Scattering of EM waves from random walls with random distribution of gaps", Proceedings of the IEEE INMIC'05, 2005, Lahore Pakistan.

Teaching Assistant , Grenoble INP, ENSE3
September 2007 – June 2008 (9 months )

Details: Conduct of Labs:
Basics of Instrumentation;
Spectral analysis;
Principles of Radar;

Teaching Assistant , GIKI, Topi
September 2003 – May 2005 (1 year 8 months )

Details: Courses Assisted :
EE371-Electromagnetic Fields and Waves (Fall 2003, Fall 2004)
EE461-Digital Communication Systems (Fall 2003, Fall 2004)
EE463-Satellite and Mobile Communication (Spring 2004)
Lab instructed :
EE211L-Circuit Analysis I
Developed quizzes and assignments for students' assessment
Held weekly hours for student assistance

Apprentice Engineer (E&I), FFBL
March 2003 – August 2003 (5 months )

Details: The main responsibilities included maintenance and troubleshooting of electrical and instrumentation units at plant site such as motor controls, variable frequency drives, transformers, Programmable Logic Controllers