Two Research Papers Accepted in ISI indexed journals by MS-EE Students under the Supervision of Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad Rana

13th February, 2018

1) Date of Acceptance 12/02/2018
Elsevier Journal "Arabian journal of Science and Engineering", IF 0.865, Titled " Nonlinear Controller Analysis of Fuel Cell-Battery- Ultra-Capacitor based Hybrid Energy Storage Systems in Electric Vehicles"


  • Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad Rana
  • Hammad Armghan, Naghmash Ali, Saud Khan, Muhammad Munir (MSEE-6)

2) Date of Acceptance 05/02/2018
International Journal of Photoenergy, IF 1.277 Titled "MPPT for Photovoltaic System Using Non-linear Controller"


  • Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad Rana
  • Naghmash Ali, Hammad Armghan, Saud Khan,   (MSEE-6)
  • Muhammad Arsalan  (MSEE-7)

3) Date of Acceptance 01/10/2017
Elsevier Journal "Solar Energy", IF 4.018 (five year IF being 4.739) , titled "Backstepping based Non-linear Control for Maximum Power Point Tracking in Photovoltaic System".


  • Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad Rana, Ms. Neelma Naz
  • Naghmash Ali, Hammad Armghan   (MSEE-6)
  • Ramsha Iftikhar, Muhammad Arsalan (MSEE-7)