A paper of three undergraduate students Raja Anwaar Ali , Saba Arshad and Anooshah Noshad Khan got accepted at IEEE sponsored International Conference on Open Source System and Technologies (ICOSST) , 2013

In this paper they presented the test bed for the integration of Long Term Evolution (LTE) with Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM). They developed this test bed during their Final Year Project titled “Towards the Development of LTE” under the supervision of Dr. Usman Younis. In this project they were able to run IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) protocol in GSM network and successfully made calls with IMS protocol in GSM network. GSM network was established using Universal Software Peripheral Radio (USRP) kit. This project can further be extended for other services. The Abstract of Paper is Given Below

GSM network has been implemented using universal software radio peripheral. Voice services have been established between the registered users in our GSM network. Secondly, to demonstrate the smooth transformation of GSM networks to LTE networks, internet protocol multimedia core network subsystem has been integrated in our GSM network, and voice services have been established between the GSM mobile phone and IMS open source softphone.