IBM puts names of 02 students of NUST-SEECS, Pakistan on its Wall of Fame for the Master the Mainframe 2017 - Programming Contest for International students.

31st December, 2018

The 13th instance of IBM Master of the Mainframe Challenge was held in 2017 and two of our students became the first ones from Pakistan to complete the first two stages of this challenge. Many world organizations monitor this contest for hiring highly skilled students. The contest requires extensive programming skills in Assembly Language, Cobol, REXX and Linux on ZSystems.

Muhammad Fahad Baiq, a student of BEE batch 2016 and Muhammad Haroon, a student of MSCS batch 2016 were able to complete Part 1 & Part 2 of the challenge. IBM has issued electronic badges (via Acclaim) to these students of SEECS, in recognition of their achievement.

The contest includes connecting to IBM Mainframe servers online and performing various programming tasks in different programming languages, requiring various results to be produced and submitting results online. IBM puts the names of participants on its wall of fame for producing 100% results.