NUST SEECS/NBS team has won the Pakistan's largest business plan competition


NUST SEECS/NBS team has won the Pakistan's largest business plan competition INVENT 2012 held in the IBA main campus Karachi from 11 July to 14 July.

Invent is a unique student level business plan competition which provides a platform to the participants where they can came up with innovative Ideas pertinent to the domains of Social entrepreneurship, Technology entrepreneurship, Agri-based entrepreneurship and Other entrepreneurship. More than 300 teams from 50 universities all over Pakistan participated in this year's event.

The team under the name NAVIGATE participated in Techno-entrepreneurship and stood first in this category. It is worth mentioning that it is the first time NUST has stood first in this event. The students worked under the supervision of Mr. Shamyl Bin Mansoor , Ms. Iram Tariq and SMART Lab in developing the prototype device and Mr. Maajid Maqbool for his valuable guidance.

Team Members:

Muhammad Yaqoob ( SEECS )
Muhammad Yasir Khan ( SEECS )
Rushan Qaisrani ( SEECS )
Shafa'at Gilani ( NBS )
Zohair Niazi ( NBS )


Self navigation is the most common problem of blind people. They are unable to move around on their own and have to take the help of either some tools or fellow humans. Most of these tools don’t have fast response time (the time between obstacle being detected and corresponding action taken) resulting in sluggish movements and human help isn’t available to everyone anytime. Another problem a blind may face is the ignorance of the current location. This absence of an effective way of navigation results in the loss of productivity on part of blind. The idea is to utilize the latest technology offered by the smart phones to help the blind people navigate by informing them of any obstacles in their way. It consists of a small handheld or wearable device which detects obstacles around using ultrasonic ranging. The device is connected to the smart phone of the user wirelessly via Bluetooth. In case of any obstacle, the phone vibrates and issues a voice based command to direct the blind person.