"Cricflex news"

Cricflex, SEECS BEE-4 startup is MashaAllah moving in the right direction with major technical progress as well as achieving recognition at various platforms at the same time.

"CricFlex" was first initiated as a semester project by a group of SEECS students, comprising Abdullah Ahmed, Muhammad Jazib Khan and Muhammad Asawal, under the supervision of Dr. Hammad Cheema. The students managed to proceed their research work and compiled a research paper titled “A Wearable Wireless Sensor for Real Time Validation of Bowling Action in Cricket”, which got accepted for presentation in “IEEE 12th Annual Body Sensor Networks Conference 2015”, held at MIT, USA.

The team attended the conference in  June 2015, where they had a great experience of interacting with researchers from top universities and industry professionals from major companies like Sony and Samsung.

Taking the project "CricFlex" to a next level, the creators of this idea plan to implement the project into a final product and launch themselves as a start up. 'CricFlex' is a low cost customized arm band that checks the legality of bowling action in cricket.

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For more details, visit Cricflex Website: https://cricflex.com/ or Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/CricFlex/