Ms. Myra Khalid attend AMENDS conference at University of Oxford

28th June, 2018

The American Middle Eastern Network for Dialogue at Stanford (AMENDS) is a collaborative student-led initiative interested in creating partnerships with organizations throughout the Middle East and United States to identify exceptional student leaders. AMENDS then pairs up students from the Middle East with students from the U.S. and gives each pair a mentor - either leaders in Silicon Valley or professors from Stanford and partner universities in the Middle East - who works with the students before the conference to further develop their own political and social initiatives.
The conference culminates in presentations by the youth leaders on their own respective ideas and experiences. The presentations will be open to the entire Stanford community and put online in a forum like TED TalksTM.

This conference takes place in collaboration with Stanford University, USA, Koç University, Turkey and Orascom Construction.
This year, 2 out of a total 40 AMENDS delegates were selected from Pakistan and I, Myra Khalid was one of them. For the year 2018, the conference was held in University of Oxford, England. During the conference, I presented the idea of my Project named as BreatheOut (DEEP) at the St.Antony’s College at University of Oxford. BreatheOut (DEEP) is a biomedical device for early detection of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease - COPD.  

The detailed talk can be watched at Youtube