SEECS Team Secured 1st Position in COMPPEC 2017

SEECS Team secured the position of being the Overall Winner in all categories (software, embedded systems, electromechanical)

Names and Batch of the Team: Izzah Zaman, Neelam Shoaib, Tahreem Saleem. Batch of 2013.

Supervisor : Dr. Muddassir Malik. 
Co-adviser : Mr. Maajid Maqbool

Title of Project : Labyrinth 


Entertainment is what makes us humans sane and help us focus on our core activities. Extracurricular activities rejuvenate the mind. Sadly, there are only a handful recreational centers in Pakistan for the common folk. The entertainment industry is highly neglected, leaving people with very limited choices. Technology is a trend that is evergreen and as fascinating as ever. Hence the birth of Labyrinth comes in.

It caters the need for entertainment by luring the user with the latest technology. Virtual reality is one of the latest products of technology itself. Labyrinth, a self-contained product, exploits virtual reality, real time motion tracking and remotely connected hardware devices that are triggered upon user motion.

Each user will be subjected to a setting containing a small physical world combined with immersive virtual reality, making a one of a kind, mixed reality project. The player shall be able walk into the maze constructed physically, touch the walls, feel the ground tremble, and hear sounds as if it is all in the same room. Even the tiniest elements like sound will play a great part in amazing the user. Sounds, touch and 3D visualization all add up to “Labyrinth”.

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