Ghulam Hassan Mir Scholarship (Letter from the Founder)


GHM Scholarship is based on the unwavering conviction of my late grandfather, Ghulam Hassan Mir that education is not preparation for life, but life itself.

GHM Scholarship will provide access and assistance to meritorious undergraduate students who otherwise will not have the financial means to fulfil their education goals. The scholarship will try to cover all basic university expenses as well as provide additional financial assistance (subject to availability of funds) to the qualifying students so that they can focus solely on their academic pursuits.

I sincerely hope that this humble effort will one day grow to be a colossal catalyst of change among individuals, families, community and ultimately the nation.

Terms and Conditions

1. GHM Scholarship will be awarded on ‘need cum merit’ basis.

2. GHM Scholarship will be awarded semester-wise. Therefore a GHM Scholar shall re-apply for the scholarship each semester and shall be re-evaluated.

3. Tuition / Hostel / Transport Fee shall be paid to university directly.

4. Stipend will be paid to the GHM Scholar and therefore must hold a bank account in HBL, NUST.

5. Interviews for GHM scholarship will be conducted under SEECS Alumni Association Scholarship Program.

6. Qualifying students must obtain a minimum of 3.00 semester GPA after being awarded the scholarship to be considered for the same in next semester.

7. The amount awarded under GHM scholarship is subject to availability of funds. Faran Javed (BIT-5) Founder GHM Scholarship

Faran Javed (BIT-5) Founder GHM Scholarship