NUST School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (NUST-SEECS)

Prime Minister of Pakistan Syed Yousaf Raza Galani inaugurated NUST new campus at H-12 sector Islamabad on 29th December, 2008

2-Week Creativity Workshop for High School Students
From 13th July 24th July 2009 (9:00AM 5:00PM)

Competition Rules

There are 3 main Events

  • Slope Climber
  • Speed Racer
  • Sumo Wrestler

Order of teams for each event will be announced before the first event on the day of competition.

General Rules :

  • All robots and structures must be entirely of LEGO components from the available kits .
  • The number of motors and sensors is not dictated.
  • Robots are not be altered between tries, nor the damaged or broken robots may be repaired.
  • Robot will be considered to complete the race, when the whole body of the robot crosses the finish line.
  • Each program will have a 1 sec delay, between pushing the button, and the robot commencing the operation. This time should be used to remove all hands from the vicinity of the robot.
  • Robot should not be touched once an event has started. Doing so will disqualify the robot.
  • Each event will have one starting time . Teams' r obot not at the starting line at that time, will be disqualified for that event.
  • The points awarded by the JUDGES will be final and will not change under any circumstances. The team trying to argue over any decision in any of the 3 events will be disqualified from the remaining competition.

Event 1: Slope Climber (40 points)

  • Robot can't exceed more than 10 inches in length.
  • Using the gear train is mandatory.
  • The robot will climb a wood plank .
  • The slope will start at 20 degrees from its base, with increments of 10 degree steps .
  • Plank will be marked with a start line and finish line . Robot must cross both the start line and finish line in order to qualify for the next step.
  • Each robot will have 2 tries for every climb. The robot is being tested for:
  • Adaptability: Should work at all elevations
  • Friction: What structure works best to increase friction between track and robot
  • Gear Ratios: How to obtain the power that is required?
  • Stability: What kind of robot will work best in this situation?

Event 2: Sumo Wrestler (30 points)

  • Robots will be placed in an arena marked with clear boundaries.
  • The robot that pushes the other robot outside the boundary first will be the winner.
  • If during the wrestling a robot's structure gets broken, it will automatically be disqualified.
  • Each robot will get one chance to get back into arena if it gets out of it without any push from its opponent.
  • In case of a deadlock, one extra try will be allowed.

Event 3: Speed Racer (30 points)

  • Using the gear train is optional.
  • This event is a 15 feet long straight race.
  • No sensors allowed.
  • Any part of the robot that crosses the Finish line is considered as complete.
  • Robot can't exceed more than 10 inches in length.
  • Robot finishing in least time is the winner.
  • Any robot switching the race lane during the race will be disqualified.

Points System

  • Total points for the competition are 100.
  • Points from each event will count and will contribute towards the accumulated score in order to decide the overall winning team.
  • Disqualified robot gets 0 points
  • There will be 10 bonus points for creative display of robots, shirts and posters.