Advanced Energy Efficient Nano Group (AEENG)

The Research group aims to gauge Energy efficiency at the Nano Scale Electronics with special emphasis on the Silicon CMOS fabrication Technology. With CMOS manufacturing industry possibly reaching to its pinnacle with composite requirements imposed by the International Technology Roadmap of Semiconductors; a “More Moore” approach is fully exploited. The approach is in complete unison with other two strategies “More than Moore” and “Beyond CMOS”. The functional output characteristics of MOS/CMOS and its variant devices would be reexamined with energy efficiency in focus. The process and Design protocols for the Energy Efficient Structure would be designed, developed and tested.  The energy efficient and conservation such as power consumption, performance and reliability of the devices would be envisaged and improved .The energy efficient electronics being a field of tomorrow is directly linked to the evolution of Internet of Things (IoT) and its ultra-low power requirements. Energy efficiency would also be studied by virtue of the concepts of thermal budget.  Process characterization is planned to be accomplished by employing Current-Voltage, Capacitance-Voltage, Current Density, Leakage Resistance, Built-in Voltage, Doping Profiling, Charge-storage/ Permittivity, Hall Effect and Vertical Field analysis. Refined metrology techniques such as Charge-Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy and Spectroscopic Ellipsometry would be applied to determine the hypersensitive electrical and electro-optical indices such as charge-transient behavior, activation energy, trap density, capture cross-section, refractive index, dielectric and extinction coefficients etc.

Team Lead

  • Dr. Engr. Zeeshan Najam Khan (Founder and Lab Director)

Faculty Researchers:                                           

  • Dr. Shahid (Assistant Professor, SEECS)
  • Dr Faheem Ullah(Assistant Professor,RIMMS

MS Students:NA
UG Students:Tehsin Rashed,Abrar Ul Haq,Ayesha Mufaz.
Research Areas: Advanced Electronics,Energy Efficient Electronics,Advanced Material Engineering.      
Funded Project: A TDF PROJECT IS PLANNED to be applied in August 2018.