SEECS Industry Linkages

On the domestic front, SEECS has been quite successful, as one of the pioneers, in knitting industry and academia into a meaningful partnership and working in tandem on several practical ideas for the mutual benefit.  This has helped them jointly propel the dormant conditions of our technology and engineering education centers. SEECS-Corporate Advisory Council that meets biannually to exchange views with industry representatives is gradually evolving into a vibrant forum of close interaction. This has greatly facilitated the two sides to share very valuable inputs from each other and devise improved strategies to achieve the goals of academia-industry partnership. SEECS industry linkages have recently been extended overseas and a handful o projects have already been commenced in collaboration with US companies.

Corporate Advisory Council

University-Industry partnership is one of the key imperatives to promote economic activity and prosperity at grassroots level. As the providers of trained and skilled human resource to the industry, universities need to play an active role in building associations with mercantile entrepreneurs so as to ensure optimal utilization of best available human capital.  This was the prime objective of establishing SEECS Corporate Advisory Council (CAC). From a mere concept in 2006, CAC became a vibrant reality. Thanks to the cooperation and support of our industrial entrepreneurs, SEECS Corporate Advisory Council is increasingly engaged in building sound academia-industry linkages and fueling much needed interaction. In fact, we have to go a long way in further strengthening this forum by fostering continued interactive, vibrant and capable of promoting understanding, harmony and tangible cooperation between academia and industry.

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Professional Training Centers @ SEECS

SEECS’ professional credibility and its image as a catalyst to a new paradigm shift in higher education, marked with an increasing emphasis on creativity and innovation has attracted to its premises some of the world class research laboratories, as the coveted gifts from more leading companies. These include PTCL, CISCO Center of IP Technologies, IBM Linux Competency Center; Center for High Performance Scientific computing; CERN Research Lab; Caltech Research Lab; Network Technologies Research Lab; Wireless Networks Research Lab; Information Security Lab; Center of Excellence for FPGAs and ASIC Research Lab; Wi-Tribe, NUST  Research/Diagnostics Lab for WiMAX; Semantic Systems Research Lab; Open Source Performance Testing Research and Analysis (OPTRA) Lab.