Dr. Emad Felemban Visit to NUST

Dr. AmadDr. Emad Felemban visited NUST on the 30th of May, 2012. Dr. Emad Felemban is an assistant professor at the College of Computer and Information System in Umm Al-Qura University, Saudi Arabia. He is specialized in Wireless Networks and more specifically in Wireless Sensor Networks. The purpose of the visit was to have discussions on the ongoing projects between Umm Al-Qura University and CoNNeKt lab at SEECS. He is jointly working with Dr. Saad Qaisar, Assistant Professor in the department of electrical engineering at NUST. The projects being worked on include the underwater monitoring of coral reefs in the red sea and the oil and gas pipeline monitoring system.

The visit included meetings with Pro-Rector Academics, Pro-Rector RIC whereby it was talked on how to induce further research opportunities between the two institutions. Dr. Emad also had meetings with Dr. Arshad Ali, DG SEECSS and Dr. Syed Hassan Zaidi, DEAN SEECS and other senior faculty members. The DG and DEAN SEECS along with Dr. Saad Qaisar, took him to Monal for Dinner, where they presented him with a gift as a reminder of the hospitality of the Pakistani people. The members of the joint team working with Dr. Emad in Pakistan were also present. These included the Team Lead and software engineer, Hussnain Shahid and Aamir Zafar and the Management Associate, Asim Rehman Kamali.

Dr. Emad admired the extensive amount of research activities undertaken at NUST and SEECS in particular, He left NUST with confidence in the work being done and optimism about the further effort between the two institutions.