International Interns under IAESTE Chapter for the year 2013-2014

Intern's Testimonial

Dancan MuturiBefore I came to Pakistan, there were too many questions from people around me. My family asked me in the last week whether I want to change my mind and won’t go to Pakistan. My friends put the imagination of terrorists holding a gun walking down the street. And most of them asked me “Why Pakistan? Isn’t there somewhere else to go?” Whatever people said, I’m here now in Pakistan and I am not having any regret.

While I’m in Pakistan, I stay in NUST which is considered the best university in Pakistan. It’s in Islamabad, The capital of Pakistan. The first thing I noticed is that people can lead there life normally. They don’t have to dodge the bullets or carry a pistol all the time like people said. Pakistani people are kind and take good care of their guest. And now I’m very happy to be their guest. If anyone ask me what I like most about Pakistan, The answer would be people.

 The most different thing about Thailand and Pakistan is religion. A Muslim country has more regulations. Which make a lot of difference. Pakistani people know more and are closer to their religion than Thai people do. They pray more. They believe in God which Thai don’t. They can enjoy together among friends without alcohol. They don’t eat pork. They usually have a meal without fork or spoon. They just use a piece of “roti” (bread) to get some food to eat. We also have many things in common. Our family system is similar. Many products that are sold in Thai are also sold in Pakistan. In summers, the weather in Pakistan is as hot as Thailand. But during winter while Thai is still hot, Pakistan might have a minus temperature.

I’m now a fourth year chemical engineering student. My placement at NUST is at the chemical engineering department (SCME). I have been practicing on Matlab which I never did before. It’s interesting to learn something new and different language. I also had a chance to observe some experiments in the chemical labs at NUST.

Prad Piyawongpinyo
Country: Thailand
University:King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang
Majors: Chemical Engineering
Placement: SCME