International Interns under IAESTE Chapter for the year 2013-2014

Intern's Testimonial

Dancan MuturiI am not sure my parents were quite as happy as I was when I got my placement in NUST Pakistan. I was excited to see a completely new and different place, and have locals show me the true Pakistan as well as learning in a totally different environment and seeing how being in such a different part of the world effected to teaching and direction of my discipline.

My parents were more concerned about my safety, Pakistan’s image gets blurred into other Asian countries and worries are formed where there is no need. Safe to say my parents’ worries were unfounded. My safety was never compromised NUST made sure of that.

Everyone says the same of the unbelievable hospitality of the Pakistani people. I was introduced to people’s families after a short time, given gifts, and every concern was taken care of before I had even asked. I made some brilliant friends and everyone was kind and accommodating.

Being a non - Muslim girl made my experience a little different, it took a little time to adjust to the vast cultural difference, new rules, and the stares whenever you were outside of NUST but that is the reason I went to be exposed completely to an entirely different way of life, and I got exactly what I wished for. New culture, new food, eating with my hands, heat, a lack of road rules and breath-taking scenery. Pakistan is a wholly beautiful country.

I had just completed my second year at University when I went to Pakistan for my internship. During my 6 weeks there I learnt a great deal. My supervisors really catered to project to me and were eager to teach me as much as possible in my short stay. Which they definitely did! I have an ongoing project now that I am home with one of my supervisors which is such a great opportunity to have to early in my studies.

It was a brilliant 6 weeks, and I am still reaping the rewards.

Olivia Sweeney
Country: United Kingdom
University: University of Edinburgh
Discipline: Chemical Engineering
Placement: SCME