International Interns under IAESTE Chapter for the year 2013-2014

Intern's Testimonial

Dancan MuturiHow time flies!  I never knew when my amazing two month internship came to an end. I had never left Arabian Gulf since I was born to see what is behind those seas. I was really nervous at the time of my departure because I was not sure if I could "survive" in a country that is so different from Oman. I came to Pakistan and realized that Pakistan is truly good and it is better than what I expected. A country with rich culture, beautiful nature, wonderful cities, gorgeous mountains like Karakorum whose glaciers are the world's biggest permanent mass of snow and ice outside the poles, and amazing architecture, specially of Pakistan Monument and Faisal Mosque. I wanted to explore everything, see Pakistan with my own eyes, learn a few words of Urdu language and meet a lot of people.
I arrived at Islamabad Airport on June 3rd, 6:30 in the morning. The first thing I noticed after getting off the airplane was a smile from a Pakistani guy. I was trying to find the NUST SEECS security supervisor who would take me from the airport to NUST when that guy came and asked me in a respectful way "How would I help you sir?" And then he helped me throughout to find my guy to take me to NUST. I was really amazed to see how selflessly he helped me. Later I got to know that all Pakistanis consider foreigners as their guests and treat them in their special traditional way known as "Mehman Nawazi". In my way to NUST, I was surprised to see the green lands, full of grass.

I had my practical training in National University of Sciences and Technology School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science within a period of two months. My practical training was based on my course of study in Electrical field in Control and Instrumentations. IAESTE Pakistan helped me immensely to understand the practical prospect of some topics in my course. It also gave me a chance to explore the beautiful and culturally rich country of Pakistan. There were many facilities which made the training more than easy. The training matched to what I expected. The trip outside my country was full of fun. The program was very well structured and organized. People in laboratory where I worked were very helpful and cooperative.

I enjoyed the internship very much. Everybody took very good care of me. The kindness of Pakistani people is outstanding. I strongly recommend this internship for next year.

Nasr Alabdali
University: Sultan Qaboos University, Oman
Majors:Electrical Engineer
Placement :Controls Lab, SEECS NUST