International Interns under IAESTE Chapter for the year 2013-2014

Intern's Testimonial

Dancan MuturiThe very reason I wanted to come to Pakistan is exactly the one that impresses me most. And that reason is that I was looking for an internship in a country which had a completely different culture as compared with the Netherlands.

Now that I've been here for a little over three weeks, I have been given my culture shock. I've been eating different kinds of food - with my hands, I endured a lot of sunshine and hot weather. I have been indulged in a culture in which social male - female relationships are kind of a taboo up to some level, and alcohol an even bigger one. But what impressed me most was the hospitality. Right from the moment I set foot on Pakistani soil I have endured a vast offensive of aggressive hospitality. People try to pamper me in any way they can. Whether it is about offering me something to drink, trying to resolve any (non-)existing complaint that I have or just about them showing me their culture and country. As a European, trying to be independent and all, that makes me feel really overwhelmed from time to time.

I have a bachelor's in Aerospace Engineering, and as of now I am pursuing my master's in Technical Artificial Intelligence. My placement at NUST is at the mechanical engineering department (SMME). I've been working on a computer vision project for the first two weeks. And as of the third week I have started to work on my real and assigned project, which is the installation of an autopilot module onto a RC helicopter to be used for disaster relief missions.

Julius van Dis
Country: Netherlands
University: Delft University of Technology / Utrecht University
Majors: Aerospace Engineering
Placement: SMME