International Interns under IAESTE Chapter for the year 2013-2014

Intern's Testimonial

Dancan Muturi"Plz!! If you have any other choice than Pakistan choose that". "You will not feel safe in Pakistan" These were the reactions I got from most of my friends and family when I told them I was going to Pakistan as an exchange intern under IAESTE Program. I didn’t really know what to expect when coming to Pakistan. I was afraid of coming to Pakistan because of what we saw in the TV. Now, I am writing this experience letter with full pride that I choose Pakistan to be my destination. I would consider myself very lucky and I am very happy that I got a chance to visit Pakistan. I came to Pakistan and realized that Pakistan is truly good and it is better than what I expected. The country is full of culture, kind and helpful people, wonderful cities, and attractive architecture. Me and the other IAESTE Interns are the lucky first group that visited the northern areas of Pakistan or I can call it the paradise of Pakistan. We have been in Kashmir, Naran and Kaghan for 3 nights. I cannot stop thinking of the snow I saw there, it was the first time in my whole life that I saw real snow. Also, we have been in Lahore for 2 nights. We have been in Shahi mosque and witnessed the Wagha Border activity.

I arrived Pakistan at 1:05 pm. All the workers on the airport were smiling to me. I was really very happy. I had my practical training in National University of Sciences and Technology School of Chemical and Materials Engineering within a period of one month plus half. My internship in SCME was about the ASPEN HYSYS program. My supervisor was very helpful.

I wish, I could have made much more time for research in SCME and spent even more time in Pakistan to see other cities. I am very grateful for the level of cooperation and assistance provided by every person I met during my whole internship program. Especially, the most helpful person I have ever met Miss. Ayesha Mushtaq. I am really thankful to all your efforts to take care of our comfort and your enthusiasm about making our time better here. Thanks a lot!

Hussam Salim Juma Al Hooti
Country: Oman
University: Sultan Qaboos University
Discipline: Chemical Engineering
Placement: SCME