International Interns under IAESTE Chapter for the year 2013-2014

Intern's Testimonial

Dancan MuturiMy visit to Pakistan has been thoroughly enjoyable so far. Being of Pakistani descent, I was familiar with the language, culture, and traditions of this country though I never previously had a chance to view it's professional/academic side during my previous visits to Pakistan (this being my 4th visit). I chose to do my placement at NUST for two reasons, one being I could gain valuable experience working at a famous and highly reputable institution in Pakistan, and also at the same time revisiting my roots and having the chance to visit family who I hadn't seen in a long time, on most weekends.
So far, I have found the faculty, and also the students I have met at NUST to be extremely welcoming, and also helpful. Since undertaking my placement, I have had the chance to watch final year students give their presentations on projects they had been working on, which impressed me greatly as to the level of research and detail these students had put in. It gave me a preview of the type of work I will be doing next year back in my university in Scotland, and hence was a very worthwhile experience.

I have also had the chance to learn a software programme, Rivit, which I have found to be an essential skill for the new generation of civil engineers. This exposure to an industry- applicable programme has already given me an invaluable skill which I would not have been taught back at my university in Scotland. I look forward to working in the various, hi-tech laboratories in the NICE building once I have finished familiarizing myself with the Rivit software. I hope the rest of my internship can be as good as the first few weeks, as there are plenty more weekend trips to famous sites historical monuments which I can look forward to, along with learning some new things and gaining ever more experience. I would definitely recommend Pakistan as a nation, and NUST as an institution for anyone wanting to visit and explore.

Farhan Iqbal
Country: United Kingdom
University: Edinburgh Napier University
Majors: Civil Engineering
Placement: SCEE