International Interns under IAESTE Chapter for the year 2013-2014

Intern's Testimonial

Dancan MuturiWhen I first heard about the opportunity of coming for an internship in Pakistan I realized that it was my chance to visit such a country in the world. I think that without an excuse like IAESTE programme I would probably have never visit this special place. After some little research I realized the importance of NUST University, not only in the country itself, but also its relevance in some topics worldwide. During my stay I had the privilege of working hand to hand with laboratory members in a project funded by the United Nations. It consisted on the implementation of an autopilot in a fleet of UAVs which are supposed to save lives in case of natural disasters. I had also the opportunity to visit a little bit this unique country and make a lot of friends while getting in touch with the local culture. I am very pleased and grateful for this experience and I wish more foreign students will have this chance in the future. Pakistan is one of these countries which one will never get to visit if not given a special reason and I am very happy to have received mine.

Daniel Sors Raurell
Country: Spain
University: Technical University of Madrid
Discipline: Aeronautical Engineering
Placement: SMME