International Interns under IAESTE Chapter for the year 2013-2014

Intern's Testimonial

Dancan MuturiI didn’t really know what to expect when coming to Pakistan. Almost everyone else told me what to expect – kidnapping, murder, robbery and the rest – but I decided it couldn’t be that bad. I’m very happy to say that I was right; since stepping off the plane I’d be hard pressed to think of anyone I’ve talked to who wasn’t incredibly friendly straight off the bat. Coming here, you are viewed as a guest of the country, and most people are more than happy to help with any complaints at all – in fact my only lasting complaint, besides the sweltering heat and constant entourage of biting insects, is the lack of things to complain about!

As far as the work itself goes I’ve been given a fair amount of autonomy, I was taken around on my first day and introduced to everyone in SMME. It was in open hours at the time, so there were plenty of finished research projects to look around at, too. After some complications about my supervisor not having arrived yet, I was able to access my lab and start work on the project I’ll be continuing for the rest of my time here – building helicopters for disaster relief missions.

The trips around the province (arranged by the IAESTE team) have been fun so far, encompassing both natural and artificial sites. So far I have visited the Taxila Museum and Kattas Castle for some historical immersion, Khanpur Dam for some surprise cliff diving, not to mention a short hike to (and swim in) Swaik Lake and back! These experiences have given me lots of stories to tell and pictures to show anyone willing to look. I’m still looking forward to the remaining trips, a visit to Lahore was promised at one point! It’s also during these trips that I’ve been able to try the biggest variety of Pakistani meals, from barbequed meats to the more obvious curries.

Finally I’d just like to thank everyone at NUST for their help and support, but especially the IAESTE team for co-ordinating and arranging all the activities – both outside and inside the university.

Daniel Walsh
Country: United Kingdom
University:University of Strathclyde
Majors: Aeronautical Engineering
Placement: SMME