International Interns under IAESTE Chapter for the year 2013-2014

Intern's Testimonial

Dancan MuturiWell, there are many things I could tell about this country after being here for two months and a half. First of all: mum, I told you I wouldn’t die here! It’s a real pity that the world has such a lack of information about this country. Obviously there are problems, like any other country in the world, and of course there are unsafe places (like the borders with Afghanistan and India), but I can assure I’ve not felt unsafe in any of the places I’ve been here. We visited the Northern areas of Pakistan, it was awesome. All the interns planned a visit to Lahore on their own, it was crazy and we had a lot of fun. I didn’t ever feel fear at any time. About the people here, I was surprised about their hospitability and kindness with all of us. Since I arrived I got the company and help of many people who have become friends now. I really hope I will be able to see them again in Pakistan or in Spain. As an Architecture student, I’ve been able to see many traditional houses and heritage buildings which have let me notice about the importance of the Islamic tradition in the country, which have been settled in the country since hundreds of years. Definitely, it’s been a nice experience, full of good and funny moments with local people, and a big opportunity for being able to learn about new cultural and traditional facts that I won’t be able to see in any European country.

Borja Velez Arrilage
Country: Spain
University: University of Basque
Discipline: Architectural Design
Placement: SADA