Telenor OMC and NOC Visit

12th December, 2017


Telenor OMC visit 
Number of Students: 37
Purpose: Industrial Trip for Students of Mobile Communication BEE6
Faculty In-charge: Dr. Hassaan Khaliq


After much struggle and hard work, a visit to NOC of Telenor was arranged on December 12th, 2017. The faculty in-charge was Dr. Hassan Khaliq and the the student coordinator was Umair Bin Tahir. This participants of the trip were all those students who are taking the course titled EE-451 Mobile Communication Systems taught by the faculty in charge of the trip.
It was an industrial tour and the site and the purpose of the trip was purely academics. The students visited the operation management center and the network operating center of Telenor, a leading telecom firm in Pakistan. During the visit, the students were briefed upon the architecture of GSM, its evolution, shift from second generation to third generation, the protocols working behind it and the future of LTE and other technologies. They were also given a presentation by Mr. Muhammad Umer, the team lead for transport NOC, about the real world challenges and the daily life of NOC engineers. Ms. Iram Javaid, the manager NOC was also present to assist students with their questions and remove any queries that they had. After initial briefing session was over, the students in two groups visited the NOC where they got practical insight of all the knowledge they had learned since this point of the semester.
Discussion about the recruitment process, especially in Telenor and other companies also took place. Mr. Bilal, assistant manager NOC gave very valuable tips about the CV building, interview preparation and effective work life relationship.
All in all, the Telenor building and the employees were great and a source of inspiration for the students. They were motivated to work harder and with more dedication to land at such firms. And to top it off, this trip built a linkage between industry and academia which is a very vital point. More trips like these should be arranged to further assist the students.