Final PhD Defense of Ms. Lozina Shoaib

23rd, February 2018

Lozina Shoaib, a special student, successfully completed all the requirements for the award of PhD degree in the discipline of Information Technology from NUST School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (NUST-SEECS) which is known for singular achievements in the domain of education. Her thesis on the topic ‘Learning Technologies for the Disabled’ was evaluated by renowned professors including two foreign experts, Dr. Peter Charles Bloodsworth from Oxford University and Dr. Zawar Hussain Shah from Whitirea Polytechnic, Auckland, New Zealand. Now children with impaired hearing will be able to learn word articulation in a non-traditional and yet cost-effective way.                                                                                              
The research will impact the lives of children with this disability to mitigate their communication gap through use of technology. This will be done through using a software application (LOSINA) specially designed for this purpose. This software helps children learn word articulation through ‘lip-reading’ method. The improvement in natural voice quality, fluency and clear audibility of the tested words using this cost effective solution within short time span and with no formal intervention, can therefore be endorsed as a major contribution of this research. Articulation of phrases, sentences, emphasis and emotions in conversation shall be considered as future work of her research.
It is worth mentioning here that during the course of her PhD, the scholar has been fighting multiple health issues of critical nature. Till date she has undergone 22 major surgeries, and yet the fight continues. She has earned a number of awards and honors including ‘Youth Talent Award 2008’ and ‘Quaid i Azam Gold Medal 2013’etc.
For NUST, it is yet another milestone achievement in line with its vision and mission. Thus, in addition to her personal efforts, Lozina’s success is attributable to the contribution of her teachers and her supervisors, Dr. Ahmad Salman and Dr. Sharifullah under the leadership of Principal SEECS Dr. Hassan Zaidi, who apart from overseeing the overall progress also contributed as an active member of PhD guidance and examination committee. It is expected that a large number of children suffering from hearing disability will benefit from the solution provided by the research in future.