Talent Show - KalaKaar

20th December, 2017

Kalakaar - The Ultimate Show was a three way event featuring a food festival, a musical night and a talent show hosted by BSCS-4C of SEECS, under the mentorship of Sir Maajid Maqbool. The main purpose of the event was to recognize and cherish the talent within the NUST students from all over Pakistan, and to help them grow in confidence of their gifted skill set. The event kicked off with students of NUST showcasing their flair in the Talent Show, which was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience. Following the talent show, the musical night was held, featuring DJ Toshi. During the event, audience were free to walk about and select from some of the gourmet dishes from the food stalls placed all around the area.

  • Auditions: 50+ (Video and live performances)
  • Selected finalists for main event: 17
  • Winners: 1 Performance
  • Winning title: "Winner of Kalakaar - The Ultimate Talent Show"
  • Winning performance: Dancing duo
  • Names: Saif Hassan Shahid (SEECS) and Haider Ali(SNS)