Talk on Device Discovery in 5G Networks by Prof. Faraz Hasan, Massey University, New Zealand.

Dr. Faraz Hasan, an Assistant Professor at Massey University, New Zealand will be having a talk as detailed below:

Timing and Venue: 11:30am, Thursday, 15th Dec 2016 at SEECS Seminar Hall
Title of the Talk: Device Discovery in 5G Networks
Speaker: Dr. Faraz Hasan, Massey University, NZ


This talk gives an outline of the ongoing research activities at the Telecommunication and Network Engineering (TNE) research group at Massey University. The research work related to Device-to-Device discovery in 5G networks has been highlighted in more detail. The main motivation of this talk is to explore avenues of joint future work which is of mutual interest to Massey University and National University of Sciences and Technology.


Faraz Hasan is with the School of Engineering and Advanced Technology, Massey University, where he leads the Telecommunications and Network Engineering research group. He has previously been with Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU), South Korea, and Korea Advanced Institute of Science of Technology (KAIST). He obtained his PhD degree from University of Ulster, UK, in 2011. His research interests are in wireless networks, device-to-device communication and smart grids.