Dr. Ansar Yasar from Hasselt University Belgium visited NUST SEECS for Research collaboration between NUST-SEECS and Hasselt University, Belgium in the areas of mutual interest

2nd, February 2017

Dr. Ansar-ul-Haque Yasar visited SEECS on Feb 02 2017. He had a very fruitful discussion with SEECS faculty regarding areas of mutual interest and the possibility of future research collaboration. Dr. Yasar was introduced to the faculty members at SEECS. The professor introduced the research being conducted at Hasselt University Belgium. Dr. Yasar and Principal SEECS (Dr. S. M. H. Zaidi) agreed to lay the foundations for strong research between SEECS and Hasselt. In this context, Principal SEECS advised Dr. Hassan Aqeel Khan to coordinate with Dr. Ansar and develop a research proposal which should be submitted to the EU/ Belgium government for joint funding.

Dr. Hassan Aqeel Khan, along with other SEECS facutly members, is currently working with Dr. Ansar on the joint proposal.