Star Researchers Award Ceremony

23rd May, 2016




A ceremony was arranged by HOD Research Dr. Osman Hasan to distribute certificates to the star researchers of SEECS at SEECS seminar hall. Principal SEECS Dr. S.M. Hassan Zaidi was the chief guest for this ceremony. SHOD EE Mr Habeel, SHOD DOC Dr Nadeem, A/DIR HU Mr Muhammad Yousaf, all HODs and all faculty members were also invited. Researchers shared their experiences after receiving certificates to motivate others. After that chief guest Dr Zaidi delivered a brilliant speech in which he not only appreciated the star researchers but also encouraged all others through his magic style of communication. He also thanked the efforts made by Dr. Osman Hasan (HOD Research) and Muhammad Yousaf  (A/Dir HU ) to arrange such ceremonies.

Ceremony was ended with group photo to make this ceremony as a part of history.

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