Seminar on Global Undergraduate Program (UGRAD)

19th Dec, 2018

Global Undergraduate Program (UGRAD) is a student exchange program fully funded by The US Educational Foundation in Pakistan (USEFP). Due to this cultural and academic exchange, the awardees of this scholarship get a chance to spend one semester in one of the US universities. Unfortunately, most of the SEECS students are not aware of the opportunity, the application process, eligibility criteria and the resulting benefits.

An awareness seminar on UGRAD student exchange program was arranged for Freshmen and Sophomore students of SEECS. The session was conducted by SEECS student Mr. Abdullah Ashfaq of 2k15-BEE7 who has visited US on UGRAD scholarship in Spring semester 2018 and students Ms. Minahil Raza and Ms. Shafaq Tauqir 2k16-BEE8 who have been selected for Spring semester 2019.The session was organized by student Mr. Asad Abbas Arshad of 2k16-BEE8.