SEECS Social Hackathon

In today's fast moving world we often ignore the major chunk of our population who despite having a relatively better access to technology is not capable of using it to solve their everyday problems.

In order to utilize the tremendous talent in the students at NUST in general and SEECS in particular SEECS Social Hackathon is being arranged from 15th May 2015 to 17th May 2015.

During the course of this event over 400 Students will get a chance to apply their knowledge and showcase their solutions to local social problems. These problems (ranging from identifying crimes in an area to identifying religious places and providing a public complaint registering framework) differ not only in their scope but also the target audience. The students are required to apply requirement engineering in each of these problems and build a solution which is not only usable but also long lasting. The students will form a major part of the Hackathon Teams (8-10 people, including mentors).

Each team will have 1-2 mentors from industry and academia. Mentors, acting in advisory roles are expected to provide feedback and act as the beta testers for the solutions. The Mentor pool will be composed of people with atleast 3-4 years of experience in software development or social programs. Through an environment of mutual respect the mentors and the mentees are expected to work towards the betterment of the society.

Through, innovation and entrepreneurship, Software Development Industry in Pakistan has achieved a lot, in the past 15 years. It is through the continued hard work and selfless dedication that they have managed to bring forth a positive image of Pakistan. However, this success would not have been possible without sacrifices being imparted at every level. None more so, then the fresh graduates, who usually have to start from scratch while shifting from the academic environment to industrial one. We believe that this problem is amplified because of an apparent disassociation existing between the academia and the industry. By organizing this event SEECS is providing yet another platform to bridge this divide.

Additionally the Industry will have a chance to project their very good inner nature on to solving societal problems and provide an opportunity to not only overcome the great many problems plaguing our nation but also to move it forward towards success.