French professors Dr Isabelle Lassous and Dr. Thomas Begin delivered seminar about "Software Defined Networks" on PFAN Scientific Event at NUST - SEECS

29th August, 2017

"NUST-SEECS organized a seminar by two French professors, who visited NUST and COMSATS for a collaboration project under PHC Peridot program, funded by the Govt. of France and HEC. The seminar had two talks, of half-an-hour each, on following research topics:

Prof. Dr Isabelle Guerin Lassous delivered a talk on New approach for association in WIFI networks, where Prof. Thomas Begin delivered a talk titled "Performance Modeling of Virtual Switching Systems". Then some recent research trends in computer networks were discussed, followed by a question-answer session. The visiting professors have shown interest in the CONNEKT lab for possible collaboration and mobility of graduate students."