Workshop on Huawei ICT Skills Competition

26th September, 2017

An information seminar was held on Tuesday 26th September  at 12PM  about the Huawei ICT skills competition in the SEECS seminar room. A team from Huawei's training & certification department, visited us and shared information about the terms and conditions of the competition. The team was welcomed by Mr. Habeel Ahmed (Senior Head of the department of electrical engineering) and Dr. Sajid Saleem (Assistant Professor) along with other faculty members. A large number of students from computer science, electrical engineering and software engineering domains actively participated in the workshop. 

The workshop started with Mr. Liangdong (Jimmy)'s presentation about the Huawei's profile and footprint in global as well as Pakistan's market. Mr. Liangdong is the director certification and training for Huawei Pakistan. Then, Mr. Wulintou (Director Training and Certification, Huawei China) introduced the 2nd Huawei ICT Skills competition and discussed the training, certification and internship opportunities offered by this competition along with miscellaneous prizes. A winning prize of 30000USD for the winning team was announced along with job offer to work in Huawei. Ms. Fatima Sameeullah (Manager Training and Certification, Huawei Pakistan) also gave a very informative presentation about the various stages of the competition and guided the students about the procedure for registration. Visiting Huawei team also distributed various prizes and giveaways among the students. All the students registering for the competition were offered prizes by Ms. Sunny (Manager Training and Certification, Huawei China). Ms. Fatima also shared a very informative and interesting video  about the Lahore Safe City project carried out by Huawei. The workshop session concluded with a thank you note by Mr. Habeel Ahmed and the exchange of shields with Mr. Wulintou. All the participants gathered for a group photo. After the workshop, the Huawei team visited the HAINA academy and met with Dr. S. M. Hassan Zaidi (Principal SEECS) to discuss about possible options for collobaration. Both the Huawei training team and Prinicpal SEECS resolved to further strengthen this academia-industria linkage.