Idea Generation Session by Mr. Iqbal Mustafa Khan (President Alachisoft)

12th, January 2017

FICS`17 Idea Generation Session was held in School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (SEECS) on 12th January, 2017. This was the 2nd Session in SEECS for FICS`17. Mr. Iqbal Mustafa Khan, who is an ICT veteran and Chairman Sabaq Foundation & also president M/s Alachisoft. Mr. Iqbal was invited for Industry session to be given to SEECS students. His lecture was on How to successfully start a software export company. He discussed the process involved and gave different examples for business ideas. To keep the session interactive and interesting, Mr. Iqbal kept the format to be student`s question driven. The Session served also highlighted the important gap areas of Industry and Academia.